New Happy Teachers Sangha for North America

Happy Teachers Sangha NA is a new monthly space for educators to practice in the Plum Village tradition, connect with each other and offer unconditional care to ourselves. We will meet at a time that meets the needs of most North American educators, but all are welcome regardless of location. Like Happy Teacher Sangha, our format is: guided practices, total relaxation, circle sharing & songs to nourish our hearts. The sangha is supported by lay and monastic practitioners who offer their presence, experience, joy and wisdom to us all.

No experience is needed, and all are most welcome. Please sign up to receive the Wake Up Schools newsletter to receive the Zoom link to access the sangha (as well as news, events and resources from Wake Up Schools). There may be some months where we need to move the date in order to accommodate retreats or other community events, so please refer to the information in the Wake Up Schools newsletter.

The main sangha space will be offered in English with circle sharing groups in English and other languages.

The first meeting of Happy Teachers Sangha NA will be Saturday, October 2nd from 6:00 to 7:45 pm ET. At this meeting we will solicit input regarding our continuing on the first Saturdays of subsequent months at this time. The theme of the first meeting will be Loving Speech and Deep Listening.

Please check our event listings for the Zoom link to join the sangha.