International Family Sangha

International Family Sangha


Dear friends,

In Summer 2020, the four monasteries of Deer Park, Magnolia Grove, Blue Cliff and Plum Village came together to host an International Family Retreat. There was a great energy to continue creating opportunities for families to practice joyfully together, and the International Family Sangha was born!

Our teacher invited educators to first practice for themselves, then with their families – and after that, to bring mindfulness practice into their schools and universities. The International Family Sangha helps to support his vision of embodiment and his teaching that ‘the way out is in’.

We aim to hold a monthly two-hour practice space together. It has separate spaces for teens, children and adults (so you may need several devices for people to access different rooms). We begin and end the sangha as a full group.

If you’d like to be kept informed, you can sign up below and you will receive a guidance note with the Zoom link a few days before the sangha:


With gratitude,

The International Family Sangha Organizing Team