Guided Relaxation for Happy Teachers

These guided relaxation sessions were held at the international educators retreat at the EIAB in October 2016.  We hope you enjoy Joe Holtaway and Karim Manji’s soft guidance with Joe’s guitar strumming.


Mindfulness in Education Network

The Mindfulness in Education network is an active listserv founded by students of Thay in North America. This group acts as an open forum to all who practice and enquire about mindfulness in schools.


Plum Village Channel

Many videos of talks on mindfulness by Thich Nhat Hanh and other senior Plum Village teachers.


Mindful Kids

Dated in design, this website contains insights and resources for practicing mindfulness with young people. It was created by monks and nuns in the Plum Village tradition.


Wake Up Schools France

A website dedicated to Wake Up Schools in France updated and maintained by French volunteers.


Escuelas Despiertas

A Spanish website focusing on Wake Up Schools in Spain.


Mindfulness Bell Magazine

Stay in contact with the wider Plum Village community and the work being done throughout the world with our seasonal magazine.