Research Analysis

Analysis of Student Feedback Form

Question 1: Did you learn something new over the past few days? If so, what?

The majority of students answered yes to this question. In their responses the majority used words such as “calm” and “relax”. A large portion of responses stated that they learned ways to deal with pressure and stress.

Direct quotes from the feedback form for Question #1:

“Learnt many different things over the past few days. I understood how to handle stress and pressure. I never knew that being mindful could have such a positive impact on our lives” – Anonymous, Grade 10

“Yes I did. I learnt how to relax and get over stress and problems related to homework by just talking to myself and meditating” – Anonymous, Grade 10

“How to take care of my emotions and deal with stress” – Aananya Banaik, Grade 10

“I learned how to enjoy a simple thing such as breathing. I learned how to deal with uncomfortable situations” – Pranati C. Kohli, Grade 11 A

“Yes, I learnt how to relax, control my stress, and untie the knot in my head, express and share” – Riya Misra, Grade 11 A

“Yes, I learned to be more attentive towards everything I do even if it is something as small as eating. I also learned how to meditate and enjoy breathing” – Sanjana Jain, Grade 11

“I learned to listen to my inner voice” – N. Baskshi, Grade 12 A

“Yes, how to be totally relaxed and calm and let go of our stress and anxiety. Also how to focus and concentrate.” – Pravir Singh, Grade 12 C

Question 2: Did you feel like the workshops were beneficial? If so, why?

Responses to this question were similar to the first question, in that the majority responded positively. The feedback words to this question were also reflective of the previous question, being words like “relaxed” and “calming”. Responses to this question also included a concern about how they would be able to find the time in their busy lives for mindfulness practices, even though they felt it was very beneficial.

Direct quotes from the feedback form for Question #2:

“Yes they were beneficial – it taught us how to relax and be calm and be at peace and be happy. It was god at this time when we had had exams so we were stressed.” – Pravir Singh, 12 C

“It was EXTREMLY beneficial for me I learnt how to stay peaceful and understand other people” – Sayesha Goel, 11

“These workshops have helped me a lot. It has taught what actual happiness is about and how one can achieve it.” – Anonymous, Grade 10

“Yes. The workshops helped me to work more peacefully and efficiently.” – Anonymous, Grade 10

“A person like me cannot handle stress well. This workshops has guided me in ways to handle stress/anxiety in a very graceful manner.” – Rabani Chawla, Grade 11

Question 3: Would you want some of these activities incorporated into the school? If so, which ones (e.g., deep relaxation, guided meditation, songs)?

The majority of students answered yes to this question. Overall the activity mentioned most that they would want to have incorporated into the school was deep relaxation. The second most mentioned activity was songs. Activities like eating, walking and guided meditation were also mentioned.

“I really want deep relaxation to be incorporated into school. It really made me calm. I also enjoyed learning songs, they were so true and full of life.” – Anonymous, Grade 10

“I would want deep relaxation incorporated inot the school since it helps us forget all other streass for sometime. As well as getting rest to our body” – Ayush Sharma, Grade 10

“Yes. Deep relaxation. It helps us slow down our fast paced lives.” – Anonymous, Grade 11

“Yes. Deep relaxation, songs and the guided meditation” – Anmol, Grade 11

Question 4: Anything else you would like to share with us?

Over half of the students decided to share additional unprompted responses. Many of the responses to this question shared the sentiment that they would like the monastics/lay workshop leaders to come back to the school to continue giving workshops like this. Many of the responses to this question thanked the monastics/lay workshops leaders for coming to the school.

“I had a wonderful experience, thank you so much!” – Anonymous, Grade 11

“The idea of hugging oneself, I found that very interesting as it shows how we can love ourselves” – Venkatesh Jindal, Grade 11 A

“It was a really good experience would like to experience such a workshop again” – Dana Merra, Grade 11

“This should be done more often so that we don’t forget it, and it was a great experience” – Nikita Chowhan, Grade 11

“I am grateful to the monks and nuns who took this precious time out to tell us to slow down and enjoy life” – Anonymous, Grade 11

“This experience was very good I learnt how to appreciate and accept everything. Thank you so much! We’ll get to see you again hopefully.” – Samaa Kalsia, Grade 11

“I hope you come to our school more often to carry out these workshops” – Riddhima W., Grade 10

“I really enjoyed this workshops and we should have it again!” – Anonymous, Grade 10

“Thank you for helping me realize who I am!!” – Disha Aya, Grade 10