Self-paced practice for teachers (90 mins)

For the times when we can’t sit together, we offer this space to you.

Allowing yourself time in between practices to rest in silence, walk slowly or to journal, this series of meditations can be comfortably experienced in 90 minutes.

May this space help you to stop and let go, touch seeds of gratitude and peace in you, and to rest deeply.

Thank you for being together on this precious path.

  1. Opening meditation (7 mins): In / Out, Deep / Slow…This classic practice brings our body and mind together in wholeness, with ease and kindness. Enjoy this beautiful music-infused version by Br Freedom (Br Ngo Khong).

  2. Teaching & reflection (17 mins): War and Peace WithinZen Master Thich Nhat Hanh talks about war and peace within us and around us, how not to be overwhelmed by the suffering within and without, and the practice of touching peace. Allow yourself a few minutes of silence after the talk to sense what seeds have been touched in you.

  3. Guided relaxation with cello (45 mins)Coming home to our bodies to release the tension that has accumulated is an important practice for us. When we relax regularly, we create freshness and openness in our body, mind and heart.