What We Offer

Download the Wake Up Schools flyer.

Who are Wake Up Schools for?

  • Teachers & administrators
  • University faculty & students
  • Students 6-18 years of age
  • Parents

What We Offer

  • Week-long & weekend retreats/courses for educators
  • 1-5 day in-school workshops
  • In-school, 3-5 hour introductory 
presentations for teachers, staff, students and parents

What to Expect

We recognize that in recent years, school environments have become more stressful, with increasing demands placed on teachers and staff. With this in mind, our program is designed not to create more work or overload your schedule.

Our methods are simple and easy to apply in your everyday life and in your classroom. Our focus is on your personal well-being and happiness. In our extensive work with educators around the world we have seen that when the teacher is personally supported by mindfulness practice it is naturally transmitted in the classroom.

Our Approach to Mindfulness & Education

Teacher/Administrator Training

We provide tools based on mindfulness practices to increase the well-being of teachers/administrators. Through our programs we create spaces of nourishment and healing, supporting educators to develop and sustain their own personal practice in their daily lives, which they can bring back to their schools and classrooms.

Classroom Content

We provide teachers with practical, secular mindfulness techniques and activities to use in the classroom based on the core practices of the Plum Village community.

Community Building

We provide support and concrete methods for building inclusive communities within schools, among fellow teachers, administrators, parents and students. Our goal is for everyone to feel safe, accepted, supported and inspired at school.