Education Is Not for Information, but to Teach Human Beings

Many professors are surprised to find out that no extra time needs to be added to their course. Our presence, our way of being, is how we teach others to be present. In our retreats, we help many teachers learn how to incorporate mindfulness practice into their daily lives. We always start with the teacher’s own practice, not by just teaching them techniques of how to teach children. The teachers usually come looking for techniques. They want another certificate, but when they come to a Wake Up Schools retreat, they are a little surprised to find that their own transformation is what is most important. They learn how to stop and look deeply into their own body and mind.

In life we are always running towards the future, or regretting things done in the past. We are lost in our thoughts. With mindfulness practice we learn how to stop running to be fully present in the here and now with our breathing. The breath is always there for us. When I breathe in, I’m aware that I’m breathing in. Breathing out, I’m aware that I’m breathing out. We follow our breathing with all our attention. When our attention shifts to something else, like thoughts about the past or the future, we can smile to our thoughts with love, not punishing ourselves because we lost the focus on our breath. With love, you bring your attention back to your breath and your concentration increases, as well as your capacity to keep from being dragged down by the projects and worries of daily life. We can come back to the present moment like this in only two to three seconds. We can do this not only for ourselves, but also to help our students and others to be more present. This is the biggest gift we can give to ourselves and to our loved ones.

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The Anniversary of Thich Nhat Hanh’s Talk

Earleen Roumagoux is one of Wake Up Schools’ coordinators who has been living and working in Plum Village, France. Here she recounts the powerful talk given by Thich Nhat Hanh, just over a year ago, in which he addresses a room full of teachers during the French Educators Retreat. Please enjoy Earleen’s account of the affect of Thay’s teaching and his spirit. You can also see the full talk here.

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Caring for the Body: a Healthy Habit for the New School Year

As one WkUpS coordinator returns to the classroom, she’s thinking about more than lesson planning and traditional prep work. Plum Village has taught her the importance of taking care of her body and its integral role in morning practice. One way to cultivate this new habit is using these videos of the Mindful Movements and QiGong.

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Well-Being and Being Well with Children

Enjoy this article by Estelle Guihard a volunteer in the children’s program during Plum Village’s Summer Retreat this year. She discusses the wonders of mindful practices with children, the beauty of working in a family of other practitioners and the strength of sharing a common practice.

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Is meditation fun?

Are you thinking about bringing mindfulness into your classroom? Here’s what a child wonders. Haven’t we all wondered the same thing?

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Dharma Clip Pebble Meditation

Here is a wonderful practice that kids love and which is great source of nourishment for adults too. Relax and breathe in this wonderful practice.

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