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Scholarships Available for Upcoming Educators Retreat in US

There are a limited number of scholarships available for our upcoming educators retreat at Blue Cliff Monastery in New York state.  Those who identify as persons of color, and those of other diverse and underserved communities, are warmly invited to this retreat.  The scholarships available are based on need.  To apply, please contact Educators Retreat – Blue Cliff, […]

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Training “Happy Teachers” in Uganda

During a three-week retreat in Plum Village in France, I was fully immersed for the first time in my life in an intensive training in mindful living.  I have been meditating for many years but being invited to walk mindfully, to eat mindfully, to sit, stand, greet friends, climb hills, wash pots, pans and dishes mindfully […]

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Educators Mindfulness Retreats in Germany, Italy and the US

Educators mindfulness retreats offer people working in education a chance to come together to learn or develop the basic Plum Village mindfulness practices, share their experience and inspire each other to bring a greater sense of peace, calm and happiness into their classrooms. After a number of successful retreats for educators in 2016, Wake Up […]

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Happy and joyful workshops for educators


Many people visit Plum Village in France to end the year and start the new one in an atmosphere of mindfulness and also celebration. It is a time when teachers are often able to visit, and this time a group of educators came together to take part in a series of workshops. The group consisted […]

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Plum Village practitioner helps British students put mindfulness to the test

Julie Berentsen who has taken part in Educators retreats in London, France and Thailand features in this BBC News Schools Report. Julie, who’s MA focused on teaching mindfulness to students based Thich Nhat Hanh’s approach shared mindfulness with a group of girls from Connaught School for Girls in Leytonstone, east London. It was part of […]

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Wake Up Schools Level II Training

In the Wake Up Schools office, we receive many inquiries about training, and so it is with great pleasure we announce that applications are now open for: A One-Year Wake Up Schools Level II Training Program (Sponsored by Wake Up Schools and the North American Dharma Teacher Sangha) This training will pair educators with a […]

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Kids and teens, share your stories

The Mindfulness Bell magazine and Wake Up Schools are looking for children and teens submit writing, poems, artwork or photos inspired by the practice and the Plum Village teachings. Click here for more details on how to share your imagination!

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Wake Up Schools Talks

Water Lilies

Wake Up Schools Films is a great place to check out Wake Up Schools in action and to learn about our vision: to cultivate joy and happiness in every moment.

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