Opening Days at Dharma Primary School (UK)

Seven nuns and monks from Plum Village visited the Dharma Primary School in Brighton (UK) in September 2014. Students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents learned core practices from Thich Nhat Hahn’s tradition. The whole community enjoyed watching their breath and listening to the bell. These experiences allowed everyone to be present with themselves and their companions.

This visit forms part of a series of visits and exchanges between Plum Village and the Dharma Primary School. In April 2014, Plum Village monastics traveled to the school to meet staff and students and share about each others’ decades-long experiences.  This video documents the second visit to this British school in which the monastics helped prepare teachers and students in the opening days of school and participated in many classroom activities. The monks and nuns returned in spring 2015 to help support the community-wide practice.  Plum Village is already making plans to repeat the cycle in 2015-2016. This project is one of many ways to share how “Happy teachers will change the world” and are already doing so — day by day, step by step.