Happy and joyful workshops for educators

Over the New Year period, Wake Up Schools hosted a number of workshops for educators.

Many people visit Plum Village in France to end the year and start the new one in an atmosphere of mindfulness and also celebration. It is a time when teachers are often able to visit, and this time a group of educators came together to take part in a series of workshops.

P1170312The group consisted of a wide range of educators working in different countries and different settings. What they had in common was an intention to deepen the mindfulness practice in their own lives and to explore ways they could share this mindfulness practice with the young people they work with.

Over the week, there were special talks for the group, a games workshops, a workshop on sharing the basic practices, circle sharing, a question and answer session and a panel sharing from educators. In additionthe group join wider community in sitting meditation, walking meditation and mindful meals.

games workshopMany expressed that coming together as a group of educators and practicing mindfulness together had given them more confidence and courage to start introducing elements of mindfulness with their students. For some there was a sense that ‘now is the time.’

One participant, Fanny Condat wrote to us to say:

It was a very rewarding way to start the year. For more information on future offerings for educators please see our events page and subscribe to our newsletter for announcements of future events and retreats.