Podcast on Happy Teachers Change the World

Prof. Katherine Weare shares on her experience and the Plum Village approach

Prof. Katherine Weare was recently interviewed by The Middle Way Society about ‘Happy Teachers Change the World’, the award-winning practical manual on mindfulness in education that she co-wrote with Thich Nhat Hanh.
Katherine speaks about her first ‘taste’ of the Plum Village tradition and the value of the emphasis that Thay places on nourishing ethical, joyful communities. She  shares about how Happy Teachers Change the World developed as a practical guide for teachers, with 500 contributions from teachers around the world.
“Mindfulness is the WD40 of education. It’s you on a good day. It unlocks things; it lubricates everything we’re trying to do and makes it more effective.”
You can listen to or watch the podcast here: http://www.middlewaysociety.org/7937-2/