Sharing from our webinar: Shantum Seth (India)

At our Wake Up Schools webinar on 20 October 2018, our senior dharma teacher Shantum Seth about some of his innovative work in India to create teacher sanghas and support mindful schools.



Shantum Seth is a senior teacher (Dharmacharya) in the Plum Village tradition. He is the foremost teacher and guide to the sites associated with the Buddha. He is a consultant to the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation to help promote Buddhist circuit tourism in India. He teaches in India and other countries and has been leading well acclaimed pilgrimages “In the Footsteps of the Buddha” since 1988. In the last few years he has been leading inter-faith, educational, cultural and spiritual journeys to diverse regions of India. At the same time, he has been deeply involved with social and ecological development issues for over 20 years. With Ahimsa Trust, he supports a series of programmes to foster mindfulness in education aimed at creating peace and harmony in individuals, families, schools and society.

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