Sharing from our Webinar: Mary & Christine (Uganda)

At our Wake Up Schools webinar on 20 October 2018, Mary and Christine offered a powerful sharing about their work to help change the culture of violence towards children in Uganda. We have a delegation returning to Uganda in 2019 to share the practice and support loving, kind communities. 



To support our work in Uganda, you can go to and earmark your donation for the work of Wake Up Schools.

Mary is Director of the Counselor Training Institute at the St. Francis Family Helper Programme is a charity organization registered in Uganda, the UK and Ireland. Our German sponsors are recognized for tax purposes through Kindermissionswerk in Aachen. St. Francis FHP receives patronage and support from the Archbishop of Mbarara and is located on diocesan land on Nyamitanga Hill on the western outskirts of Mbarara (western Uganda).

Sister Christine Ntibarutaye from Burundi is the Executive Administrator of the St. Francis Family Helper Program, a charity organization in Uganda, the UK and Ireland which includes the Counsellor Training Institute.